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White Stallion Ranch FAQs

Below are the most frequently asked questions.

Please contact us if you need assistance   888.977.2624   or   520.297.0252  or

1. What is included in the rate?

Our Full American Plan rate includes;  3 meals daily, all horseback riding (excluding lessons), beverages; coffee, tea, iced tea, lemonade and cappuccino. The use of all ranch amenities (no resort fee), daytime activities and evening entertainment.

Our Bed & Breakfast rate is not always available, but when it is, it includes:  lodging, breakfast, the use of our ranch amenities ~ swimming pool, hot tub, game room, movie theatre, fitness center, petting zoo and evening entertainment.  Meals may be purchased on an a la carte basis, but we ask that you give us 24 hours notice at the Front Desk, to allow to inform the kitchen.

2. What is NOT included in the rate?

Bar Beverages; Sodas, Canned Juices, Beer, Wine,  Spirits and Alcoholic Mixers, Horseback riding lessons ($20/pp for a one hour group lesson), Massage Therapy, Facials and Body Wraps, Gift Shop purchases, 45 caliber shooting.

3. How much riding can I do in a day?

There are 5-7 hours of riding offered 6 days a week   (Sunday is always our horses’ day off)

4. What if I have never ridden a horse before?

Many of our guests experience their first horseback ride with us. We have horses that are appropriate for first time and inexperienced riders. Our riding program is designed to help people to feel comfortable, learn at their own pace.

5. I am an experienced rider. Will the riding program work for me?

We have a horse for every level of riding including experienced riders. In fact, many of our guests own their own horses and ride competitively.  The variety of our riding program is designed to meet the expectations of every riding level. Our Team Cattle Penning, All Day Ride, Half Day Ride and Fast Rides (with loping/cantering) are popular with our many accomplished riders.

6. Do we have to stay on the trail during rides?

Yes. Staying on our trails keeps both riders and horses safe from the many cactus that grow on the ranch and throughout the region.

7. Will I ride the same trails over and over?

We are adjacent to Saguaro National Park and have an extensive trail system on 3,000 acres which enables us to not repeat a trail during a week of riding.

8. Is there riding everyday?

Sunday is our horses’ day off  — there is no riding on Sundays.

9. What amenities are in my room?

While there are no televisions in our rooms, each room is equipped with a refrigerator, hair dryer, safe, robes and free wi-fi.

10. Why should I choose White Stallion Ranch?

There are many reasons, but our return guests tell us they choose White Stallion Ranch for: vacation value, personal service, variety of horseback riding, quality of activities and facilities, ease of getting to the ranch, and the True Family, who own and manage the Ranch and grew up here.

11. What temperatures should I expect?

Desert temperatures can vary by as much as 30 degrees between daily highs and lows.  Fall and winter are generally mild during the day and cool at night;  it’s best to dress in layers to adjust for temperature fluctuations. Spring and summer are warm to very hot, but summer monsoons bring rainy afternoons. Check weather forecasts and seasonal averages ahead of your visit  ~

12. At what age may my child ride a horse?

Children must be at least 5 years old to ride on scenic rides or take a lesson.  8-year-old children may take the riding ability test to qualify for fast rides and team penning.
(The Wine & Cheese and Beer & Cheetos rides are for adults only)

13. I have physical limitations, what riding am I able to do?

Only you and your doctor know your capabilities and limitations. We will rely on the health information you provide to us, so please consult your physician ahead of your visit.

14. When is the best time to come?

The answer depends on what you enjoy.   Some deciding factors:

Refer to question # 11 regarding average temperatures and go to

Number of Guests:
If the number of guests is important to you, we recommend you call the office to get their estimate based on history and current bookings.

Whether you are looking for a family-oriented vacation with children or you choose to not vacation with children, the school holiday schedule indicates the times the ranch hosts the most young guests. Holidays (Christmas and Spring Break)  are the most popular times to travel with children.

There are 3 rate periods and usually two or more periods with special pricing. Please visit the Rates and Specials section for more information.

15. I am single. Is the ranch a good place for me?

Many of our guests travel solo. They find that the riding, activities, mealtimes and culture of the ranch create great opportunities to make new friends, be included in the group and feel quite comfortable. The ranch is a very safe, welcoming atmosphere for solo travelers.

16. We have non-riders in our group. What will they do?

Though small in percentage, our non-riding guests are large in numbers and they enjoy our other activities such as hiking, hayrides, rodeos, natural horsemanship demonstrations, cookouts, evening entertainment, and barbecues. Ranch facilities include a shooting range, rock climbing program, fat tire e-bikes, tennis, basketball (full court), volleyball, heated pool, hot-tub, movie theater, game room, petting zoo, fitness center, sauna and massage services. There are golf courses near by, as well as many museums and historic venues to visit in Tucson.

17. Can my child ride with me on my horse?

Insurance regulations do not permit double riding.

18. May I ride on my own without a guide?

For your safety and riding enjoyment, all of our riding is guided. Our wranglers know the ranch and the Saguaro National Park trail networks, which can be quite complex.

19. How many rooms does the ranch have?

There are 43 guest rooms and a spacious 5-bedroom house (The Hacienda).

20. Is there a separate children’s program?

We believe in the value of family time. Our intent is that families enjoy the activities and facilities together. We do not offer child care or a children’s program.

21. How many riders are in a group?

Slow rides average 7-10 guests and fast rides average 5-8 guests.

22. Is there a start day?

No. Guests check in every day of the week. Since there is no riding on Sundays many guests choose that as their arrival/departure day.

23. How do I get to the Ranch from the airport?

The ranch provides transfers to and from the airport at no charge for guests staying 4 nights or longer. Ask the office for the cost of transfers on shorter stays.

Arizona Shuttle  520.795.6771  transfers From Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to the Twin Peaks location where the ranch will pick you up.                 Contact us for more information for private transfers to/from Phoenix by local providers.

24. What should we do on Sundays?

As there is no riding on Sunday,  it is often a good day to enjoy the art, culture and history that Tucson has to offer.  Sunday is a good day to kick back, relax and enjoy the ranch facilities. Sundays are great days to take advantage of the non-horseback riding activities.

25. With the Summer heat in Tucson, How does the schedule work?

In the summer, our riding schedule changes. We ride earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon. Our summer guests enjoy both riding and the opportunity in the middle of the day to explore Tucson or rest and relax by the pool or enjoy a movie.

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