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White Stallion Ranch Specials

Getaway Today Package

Travel Package available through September 28, 2024

Includes lodging and breakfast each morning of your stay;

PLUS one ranch activity per person per night booked.

Activities include:
Horseback Riding | Shooting | Archery | E-Biking

Lunch, Dinner and Additional Activities Available for Purchase

NOTE: This Package can only be booked on this website or by phone.

Rates starting at $259 per night*

*Based on double occupancy. Subject to tax and service charge. Rates vary depending on selected dates and room type. Some dates are excluded or subject to a minimum night stay.

**Qualifying activities must be between 1-1.5 hours in length and include horseback riding, e-biking, .22 caliber shooting, black powder shooting and archery. Daily activity schedule varies.

***The Getaway Today Package cannot qualify for the Outdoor Adventure Package. The Outdoor Adventure Package is only available for qualifying stays booked on our Full American Plan Rates.

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White Stallion Ranch Vacation Specials

Ranch Specials may be booked by calling 520.297.0252
or by e-mailing your inquiry to

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Cactus Cowgirls


 Dates to Choose From:

January, Cactus Cowgirls  Ride Again Sunday, January 12th  – Sunday,  January 19th, 2025 – Single is $2,953 and Double is $2,665 per person Double occupancy

February, Cactus Cowgirls at Rodeo Time,  Saturday, February 22nd, – Saturday, March 1st, 2025 – Single is $3,409 and $3,208 per person Double occupancy


April, Wild West Cactus Cowgirls, Sunday, April 6th  –  Saturday, April 12th, 2025. –  Single $2,849 and $2,575 per person Double occupancy

For details follow the arrow below:

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Current Ranch Specials

Our ranch adventure vacations offer lodging, meals, amenities and a vast array of ranch activities—from horseback riding to hiking, shooting, rock climbing, fat tire E-bikes and evening entertainment.

Summer Family Fun for Cactus Kids in 2024

June 1st through August 31st 2024

Just $1,913 for your Family of 4 for 3 Nights
OR $2,869 for your Family of 4 for 5 Nights

Inquire about our Special 7 night stays!
Enjoy Summer Family Savings of up to 25% !

Spend your family vacation riding, swimming, playing and relaxing together.

Ask about our weekly schedule for Stargazing, Art Classes and Ranch Rodeo.
Each Child receives a Free Riding Lesson!

Special Rates Include: family lodging, all meals, horseback riding, swimming, tennis,

sport court, game room, petting zoo & evening entertainment.


This Special May Only be Reserved by Phone or E-mail

520.297.0252 or 888.977.2624
Or e-mail

Best available room, 3 night minimum, may not be combined with any other specials, credits or discounts, additional person charges apply to families of five or more, not available to groups, this offer may be discontinued at any time

Rates are subject to tax and 15% gratuity

Sunday, May 11 thru Saturday, June 07, 2025

This special is as golden as the desert in bloom.  Bask in the warm early summer sun and enjoy the multitudes of desert blossoms on the Palo Verde trees, Ironwood trees, Saguaro and Cholla cacti.  It’s a Kodak moment everywhere you turn.  Delight yourself with the frolics of our new born longhorn calves.  Our packages include lodging, all meals, ranch activities, horseback rides daily (except Sundays), cookouts and airport transfers.  Pricing is for best room available.

Four Nights: 
Double: $992.00 per person + tax and 15% service charge ($248.00/extra nights)
Single: $1,054.00 per person + tax and 15% service charge ($263.50/extra nights)
Deluxe Single: $1,481.00 per person + tax and 15% service charge ($370.25/extra nights)
Special Third Person Rate: $588.00 + tax and 15% service charge ($147.00/extra nights)

Seven Nights:
Double: $1,627.00/person + tax and 15% service charge ($232.43/night)
Single: $1,737.00/person + tax and 15% service charge ($248.15/night)
Deluxe single: $2,440.00/person + tax and 15% service charge ($348.58/night)
Special Third Person Rate: $969.00/person + tax and 15% service charge ($138.43//night)

Hacienda requires 6 full rates before additional person rate applies.

Escape to a stress free, safe haven for a few days.  No worry about what to do, where to eat or what to wear.  It’s blue jean country and casual is the attire.

 Call now to reserve your room.  1-888-977-2624

How about a little present to yourself?  It’s not too soon to start planning for next December.  With these great rates, space will go quickly.   The White Stallion Ranch, Tucson, Arizona will continue to offer its four-night, five-day package as well as the seven night – eight-day package starting at the end of November. These special rates begin Sunday, December 01 through Wednesday, December 18, 2024!

Four Nights 

Double: $963.00/person ++ ($240.75++/extra nights)
Single: $1,023.00/person ++ ($255.75++/extra nights)
Deluxe Single: $1,438.00 ++ ($359.50++/extra nights)
Special third person rate $571.00 ++ ($142.75++/extra night)

Seven Nights 

Double: $1,580.00/person ++ ($225.72++/extra nights)
Single: $1,686.00/person ++ ($240.86++/extra nights)
Deluxe Single: $2,369.00 ++ ($338.43++/extra nights)
Special third person rate $941.00 ($134.43++/extra nights)

++Rates subject to tax and 15% service charge

Rates include lodging, all meals, horseback riding morning and afternoon every day except Sunday, transfers from your Tucson point of arrival and use of the ranch facilities.  Depending upon your choice of dates, a few of the highlights will be a steak cookout, breakfast ride, all day ride in the Saguaro National Park, our signature Indian Oven dinner, guided nature hike, a rodeo exhibition and a variety of evening programs.

Escape to a stress free, safe haven for a few days.  No worry about what to do, where to eat or what to wear. It’s blue jean country and casual is the attire.  Shed those winter blahs and enjoy some beautiful horseback riding, delicious food and delightful camaraderie.  It’s the perfect fix to brace yourself for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.


CALL 888-977-2624 OR 520 297-0252  – FOR RESERVATIONS.

Thursday, January 2 through Saturday, January 11, 2025

If a riding vacation is on your bucket list, here’s your chance.  It’s never been more affordable.

Make the most of winter in Arizona while experiencing a riding adventure with plenty of relaxation.

This four or seven-night package includes lodging (best room available at the time of booking), all meals, horseback riding, ranch activities, and airport transfers from Tucson.

There will be a breakfast ride Saturday and Tuesday mornings, plus lots of specialty rides like Beer and Cheetos ride, all-day and half-day rides as well as team penning.  In addition, there will be many daily scenic desert and mountain rides.   We have rock climbing, target shooting, fat tire bikes, archery and guided hikes.  A variety of evening entertainment will be offered during your stay.

Four Nights
Double: $963.00/person ++ ($240.75++/extra nights)
Single:  $1,023.00/person ++ ($255.75++/extra  nights)
Deluxe Single: $1,438.00/person ++ ($359.50++/extra nights)
Special third person rate $571.00 ++ ($142.75++/extra night)

Seven Nights
Double: $1,580.00/person ++ ($225.72++/extra nights)
Single:  $1,686.00/person ++($240.86++/extra nights)
Deluxe Single: $2,369.00 ++ ($338.43++/extra nights)
Special third person rate $941.00 ++($134.43++/extra nights)

++ Rates subject to tax and 15% service charge

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White Stallion Ranch - Retreats, Workshops and Clinics

“The Secret and Silent Language of Animals”Doctor Doolittle isn’t simply a Disney production and the ability to talk to the animals isn’t just a childhood dream. It is a gift bestowed upon us all. The animals are always “talking” and the Animal Communication Dream Retreat is your chance to learn this silent and ultimately secret language ~ a language of love.Over the course of this week-long workshop you will join Anna at the historic and picturesque White Stallion Ranch to explore the many aspects, benefits, roles, and the true power of animal communication.

Your guide to help you stretch your limits through this incredible journey of self-discovery is none other than internationally renowned natural horsewoman, equine linguist, animal communicator, Holy-Fire Reiki Master, and founder of Reach Out to Horses, Anna Twinney.For almost 2 decades Anna has helped thousands of animals of all species and their human companions. She has been sought out by zoos, sanctuaries, rescues, and people from all walks of life, including celebrity horsemen and women, the medical and veterinarian communities alike. Anna became known for the many hats she would wear and her ability to connect with all species as a trustworthy linguist, behaviorist, medical intuitive, healer, mediator, life and business coach, minister and medium.

With close to 10,000 consultations and over 200 hours of educational materials, the Ultimate Animal Communication Mentorship Course was launched, and with it, the Anna Twinney Academy of Animal Linguistics™. Whether it be through private sessions, live and online classes, or her Animal Communication Mentorship program, her message of giving a voice to the voiceless has been heard on almost every continent. Anna’s practice and her classes are founded in her ability to and the importance of relating specific, verifiable, and extremely helpful information.“We experienced a communication with Anna, and it was amazing what she came up with!” ~ Frank Bell, Horse WhispererAnna will show you how to thread your own gifts into this new talent, overcome personal and natural obstacles, and bring in your past to nurture your own special gifts.

You will also discover ways to enhance your own intuition, to make your connection clearer, and where personal memories and imagination fit into animal communication.Through lectures, stories, advice, exploration of pendulums, essential oils, muscle testing, sway-testing, her proprietary, life-changing “Love Lessons”, a live session and potentially her unique equine life-coaching,

Anna will show you how to be an accurate and reliable communicator. Whether this is the beginning of a new journey, you are seeking answers to questions having reached a roadblock, or you are professional looking to take your skills to the next level, with Anna’s natural style of teaching you will see how possible the impossible really is. By morning you discover a new paradigm as you create a new “you” and a new “normal” by afternoon you may choose to relax by the pool, join one of the many extraordinary dessert rides or participate in the ranch activities. “She would tell people things about their animals, that she has no way of knowing”   – Laura True, White Stallion Ranch Animal Communication isn’t just talking with your animals, it is the art of knowing how to settle a skeptical mind, put an animal at ease, respect these loyal companions, build trust, reach an animal on the other side, and more. It is about creating the connection, giving a voice, and holding a conversation. It is the art of establishing the character and the needs of the animal, reading between the lines, creating a natural flow, and thus, a true conversation.Begin your journey, hear the voices of your animals, and take it home to create a whole new, deeper relationship with all your companions.

Be sure to visit – 101 Things To Do With Your Horse with Anna Twinney Further Bio:In 1997 Anna followed the call of the horses and was eventually recognized as one of the top 5% in her field as a natural horsewoman. She became the first head instructor and board member of the Monty Roberts International Learning Center, opening doors for thousands of national and international students to the world of natural horsemanship. Her love and connection to the animal kingdom inspired Anna to expand her work from Natural Horsemanship to animal communication with all species.

Now, along with her work as an Animal Communicator, her company, Reach Out to Horses, leads the horse whispering movement into the next generation incorporating telepathy and energy work as integral parts of her methodology.Anna has authored two books and is a regular contributor to a variety of national and international magazines, publications, and websites including Equine Wellness, Holistic Horse and Natural Horse, just to name a few.She has launched over a dozen educational programs including Animal Communication: The Journey Within and the original Reiki: Energy Healing for Horses. Her work can be seen on international TV, video streaming services, and on her own YouTube channel – Anna has been featured on U.S. and international television, radio and internet programs, including Chinese State TV, FEI TV, Martha Stewart’s Living, the BBC fly on the wall documentary Living in the Sun and the French TV Program, Echappées Belles.

Cost is:
Single: $3,274.00 incl pp ($2582.95++)

Double: $3,025.00 incl pp ($2388.29++)

Price includes lodging, meals, workshop, riding, ranch activities, airport transfers from Tucson, tax and service charge.

50% deposit is required to reserve your place at the ranch

Wednesday, January 22- Sunday, January 26, 2025 – 4 Night, Women’s Retreat
Join Cathy Woods, Creator of Body, Mind, Equine TM, Author of Yoga for Riders, and
international presenter for a meaningful and enriching, all-inclusive retreat experience
at White Stallion Ranch.
In this 4-night women’s empowerment retreat, participants will learn mindfulness
techniques to use around horses and in everyday life, along with yoga postures and
principles to improve horsemanship from ground to saddle; all while embracing and
exploring The Spirit of The Cowgirl and how to harness that spirit in daily life.
Heart-connect with yourself, with horses, and with the world around you more deeply.
Enrich your life with this supportive retreat experience, taking home new tools to
incorporate into your horsemanship and daily living.
Any level of yoga or riding experience is welcome, and remember, those who embrace
the Cowgirl Spirit come in all shapes, sizes, and ages and come from all walks of life so
come as you are!
Cathy is a longtime retreat leader and creates a safe, supportive, non-competitive
environment for retreat participants to feel fully comfortable being their authentic
selves while making yoga and horsemanship accessible to all!
About Cathy
> On Wednesday afternoon, after check-in, the program begins with a meet
and greet and orientation along with gentle yoga to work out the travel kinks.
> Each morning begins with a guided meditation, a yoga for riders class, and a
deep relaxation experience, followed by a Body, Mind, Equine workshop
topic; such as The Parallels of Yoga & Horsemanship, Breathwork For Riders,
and discussions about the cowgirl spirit.
>  On Thursday, Friday & Saturday, time will be spent in the arena with
horses doing un-mounted and mounted exercises from Cathy’s Body, Mind,
Equine curriculum. Additionally, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will include
trail rides on seasoned, gentle ranch horses.
> Guests will also get to spend time with horses during a relaxing, Mindful
Equine Grooming session.
>  Sunday morning will conclude after yoga and a closing session.

*Note: This is a sample itinerary and is subject to slight changes.

About the ranch: White Stallion Ranch is a family-owned guest ranch with the
amenities of a fine resort. Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature while riding
through the unspoiled Sonoran desert.    Your spacious, well-appointed room is the
perfect spot to unwind after a busy day of activities.  All of your meals are prepared daily
by our professional ranch chef and offer a variety of choices.  White Stallion Ranch is
listed in USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Award – Best Dude Ranch 2023 and Trip
Advisors’ #1 property of 140 hotels in Tucson for 9 consecutive years.
In addition to horseback riding, you can enjoy a spin on the fat-tire e-bikes, do some
target shooting or archery, or test your physical strength on our professional rock-
climbing course. There is also a spa for some self-indulgence with a massage, body
treatment, or facial. Spa services are not included in your package. Experience all
Cathy’s retreat has to offer while being pampered in the comfort of White Stallion
Retreat Cost:
Single:  $2804.66 inclusive
Double: $2,178.60 inclusive, per person based on double occupancy
Prices include lodging, all meals, ranch activities, airport transfers from Tucson, tax and
15% service charge, and Cathy Wood’s Body, Mind Equine Retreat.

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